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More about Me

Let's start with the basics. People often ask me if I was a straight-A student in college. Or a consummate rule follower. I wasn’t. Not even close. I had pink hair and hosted a late-night radio show called “Sunday Speakeasy.” I wrote scathing Op-Eds for the campus paper aimed at the athletics department and held demonstrations on the quad to raise awareness for the genocide in Darfur. In short, I was a rule breaker, and I think you have to be in order to create compelling and effective content. 

In the past 10 years I’ve transformed from a moody activist to a driven communications professional with unapologetically high standards. (Though the pink hair has faded, traces of the attitude remain.)

My Experience and Credentials

As a young and hungry journalist, I landed my first writing gig at the Boston Herald and worked for the paper’s City Desk, covering a wide range of news and feature stories. I later found my niche in the academic world and worked my way up to Director of Communications at an elite boarding school in Massachusetts. I have also written for a number of local and national publications—both digital and print. Flipping through the now tattered pages of my AP Style book has made me a meticulous editor and proofreader. 

Launching a Freelance Career

Establishing a career as a freelance writer and content strategist was never something I envisioned. I was, you know, going to write for Rolling Stone Magazine or work as a foreign correspondent in the Middle East. But after agreeing to move to the mid-Hudson Valley region without a friend or job opportunity to my name, I found one of the biggest professional blessings of my life. 

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